May 2019, arsenal cinema

Youssef Chahine Again and Forever: AL NASSER SALAH AL-DIN


Since the digitization of Youssef Chahine’s historical epos AL NASSER SALAH AL-DIN (Saladin the Victorious, Egypt 1963), which could not be seen for a long time, was not completed in time for the original screening scheduled at the end of March, we are glad to be able to show it as a supplement to our Chahine retrospective. Made at the height of the pan-Arabian movement, the film sheds light on the life and activities of the sultan Saladin (1138 - 1193), who united large parts of the Arab world under his reign and fought against the Christian crusaders. “At the time, ‘Saladin’ was proclaimed everywhere as a film that glorified Nasser and Arab unity. Nobody listened to me when I insisted that it was above all a tribute to tolerance.” (Youssef Chahine) (gv)
An event in cooperation with Misr International Films (MIF) as part of the “Archive außer sich” project. (2.5.)

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The Kammerspielfilm

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf Mike Nichols
USA 1966 With Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton
DCP OV/GeS 131 min

arsenal cinema: Youssef Chahine Again and Forever: AL NASSER SALAH AL-DIN

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Al Nasser Salah al-din

Al Nasser Salah al-din Saladin the Victorious
Egypt 1963 With Ahmed Mazhar, Nadia Lutfi
DCP OV/EnS 186 min