May 2019, arsenal cinema

Mirror – 
A Cairo Cimatheque archive program

Found Footage from the Cimatheque's archive

The Cimatheque - Alternative Film Center, which opened in Cairo in 2014, provides a space for open discussions about cinema and its history. On offer are screenings, workshops, a library, a lab and an archive, whose stock comprises gifts from renowned cineastes, including Abdel Hamas Said who once ran the Egyptian Cinema Organization, the documentary filmmaker Atteyat El Anoudy, the animation filmmaker Ehab Shaker and the pioneer Nagy Shaker. Apart from documents, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, reports, diaries and storyboards, the archive holds 35-mm prints and material about the important film works from the region and beyond, including less known treasures of film heritage: ephemeral material, found footage, amateur films and commercial films, newsreels, experimental documentaries or evidence of B-movies and shorts.
The Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre’s archive was created in a context where the public had no access to their moving image history. The constantly growing collection is now freely available. It questions official writing of history and creates a space for other narratives. Thanks to one single film scanner, the archive is currently being digitized and the aim is to place a duplicate at Arsenal. This implies questions: What does it mean when a protected space needs another? How will the duplicate differ from the original (beyond the analogue/digital difference) because of its surroundings? In a series of screenings, the Cimatheque’s co-founder Tamer El Said will introduce the archive while discussing these questions. (stss) (7.,14. & 28.5.)
Program May 28: Who is Telling the Story?
Readings from documents on Egyptian cinema produced during the 1950s through the 1970s, revealing fraught narratives regarding censorship, propaganda and the role of the film industry in creating these “official” histories.

arsenal cinema: The DEFA Foundation presents

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Geschichte einer Straße

KgU – Kampfgruppe der Unmenschlichkeit

Tageskurs 1 : 4

Pankoff. Ein gesamtdeutsches Stück

Palast der Republik – Haus des Volkes

Geschichte einer Straße
Bruno Kleberg, Walter Marten GDR 1954 DCP 26 min
KgU – Kampfgruppe der Unmenschlichkeit
Joachim Hadaschik DDR 1955 DCP 22 min
Tageskurs 1 : 4 Harry Hornig GDR 1957 DCP 12 min
Pankoff. Ein gesamtdeutsches Stück
Harry Hornig GDR 1966 DCP 21 min
Palast der Republik – Haus des Volkes
Horst Winter GDR 1976 DCP 18 min

René Pikarski in conversation with Franz Frank (Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek)

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Il boom

Il boom Vittorio De Sica
Italy 1963 With Alberto Sordi, Gianna Maria Canale
35 mm OV/EnS 94 min

arsenal cinema: The DEFA Foundation presents

09:15 pm Cinema 2

Ick und die Berliner

Fridolin im Varieté

Norbert, der Ausreißer

Meister Zacharias und seine acht goldenen Zeiger

Die Fensterputzserenade


Ick und die Berliner Bruno Kleberg GDR 1957 DCP 19 min
Fridolin im Varieté Horst Flick GDR 1957 DCP 18 min
Norbert, der Ausreißer Hans-Ulrich Männling GDR 1957 DCP 12 min
Meister Zacharias und seine acht goldenen Zeiger
Bernhard Thieme GDR 1958 DCP 24 min
Die Fensterputzserenade Rolf Schnabel GDR 1960 DCP 16 min
Spielplatz Heinz Müller GDR 1965 DCP 13 min