May 2019, arsenal cinema

Cinepoetics Lecture #10: Gertrud Koch


Paradoxically, with the emergence of silent cinema, early film theorists had to tackle the problem of language in a new way: Is film alingual, prelingual or another language which has blossomed with “the blue flower in the land of technology” (Walter Benjamin)? And where does Godard locate the animal, the dog, which becomes the “spokesman” for his “Goodbye to Language”? The anthropological markings of difference between speaking and non-speaking beings are profoundly important to Edgar Morin’s film theory, as Gertrud Koch (FU Berlin) will demonstrate in her lecture “Language and languages – on the Babylonian confusions in the concept of language in film theory”, as well as to the positions of many others regarding ontological difference, from film to other media. After the lecture, the films ADIEU AU LANGAGE (Jean-Luc Godard, CH/F 2014) and CHRONIQUE D’UN ÉTÉ (Edgar Morin, Jean Rouch, F 1961) will be screened. The Cinepoetics Lectures are curated by the Free University’s Cinepoetics Center. (er) (20.5.)

arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #10: Gertrud Koch

06:00 pm Cinema 1

Vortrag von Gertrud Koch (FU Berlin)

Lecture by Gertrud Koch (FU Berlin): „Sprache und
Sprachen – zu den babylonischen Verwirrungen
im Sprachkonzept der Filmtheorie“
In German language
Free admission

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour – 
The Kammerspielfilm

07:30 pm Cinema 2


Seolguk-yeolcha Snowpiercer Bong Joon-ho Republic of Korea 2013
With Chris Evans, Song Kang-ho, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton,
Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Ewen Bremner, Ko Asung
DCP OV/GeS 125 min

arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #10: Gertrud Koch

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Adieu au langage

Adieu au langage Goodbye to Language
Jean-Luc Godard Switzerland 2014
DCP 2D OV/GeS 67 min

arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #10: Gertrud Koch

09:30 pm Cinema 1

Chronique d’un été

Chronique d’un été Chronicle of a Summer
Jean Rouch, Edgar Morin France 1961
DCP OV/EnS 85 min