December 2018, arsenal cinema

Big Cinema, Small Cinema #24

For all those who go to school or will soon be starting there, we are showing films under the title of “In and Around School”. Peter Nestler’s cheerful film AUFSÄTZE (BRD 1963) takes us to a tiny school in the Swiss alps. In WHAT MOZART SAW ON MULBERRY STREET (USA 1956) by Rudy Burckhardt and Joseph Cornell, Mozart watches children playing in August of 1956 in New York. Winfried Junge filmed WENN ICH ERST ZUR SCHULE GEH … (East Germany 1961) with children from the small village of Golzow in 1961, marking the start of his famous longitudinal study. And at the end, things get colorful in the animated short ROSE FOR RED (USA 1980) by Diana Wilson. (ua/rb) (16.12, for those aged 6 and above)

arsenal cinema: Forum 50

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Ich liebe Dich, ich töte Dich

Ich liebe Dich, ich töte Dich Uwe Brandner
FRG 1971 35 mm 94 min