November 2019, arsenal cinema

Big Cinema, Small Cinema #31: 
Outside in the Park

IM PARK, 2009

DER PARK (2017) is the name of the film made by the children of the “Grüne Soße” day crèche in Frankfurt am Main. And as they’re visiting us in Berlin, we are showing their film and two early films they’ve made a soundtrack for: FRANKFURT ALTER MARKT, Auguste and Louis Lumière, France 1896, and EINE FAHRT DURCH BERLIN, Oskar Messter, Germany 1910. DER PARK brought us to other films that were filmed outside in parks: crows at the Lietzensee park in Berlin (SANS TITRE, Karl Heil, Germany 2018), Indian figures and running children at the Rietberg Park in Zurich (IM PARK, Ute Aurand, Germany 2009), figures in the park of Versailles (BAGATELLE FOR WILLARD MAAS, Marie Menken, USA 1961), and a mysterious woman in costume between the fountains at the Villa d’Este in Tivoli near Rome (EAUX D’ARTIFICE, Kenneth Anger, USA 1953). (ua) For 7 and upwards (24.11.)

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour – Excess and Opulence 

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Mutiny on the Bounty

Mutiny on the Bounty Lewis Milestone USA 1962
With Marlon Brando, Trevor Howard
35 mm OV with Swedish St 184 min
With Intermission

arsenal cinema: Working to Remember – The Films of Rithy Panh

08:00 pm Cinema 2


Exil Cambodia/F 2016
DCP OV/EnS 77 min