November 2019, arsenal cinema

Cinepoetics Lecture #12: Patricia Pisters


The horror genre has always concerned gender issues. These range from the typical ‘damsel in distress’ captured by the male monster in classical horror to the ‘abject monstrous-feminine’ and ‘final girl’ in the modern horror film of the 1970s and 1980s, as analyzed by Barbara Creed and Carol Clover in their seminal feminist studies of the genre. However, it is only since the new millennium that female directors have started to actively appropriate horror aesthetics in significant ways in their own films. In her lecture “A Trail of Blood. Women Directors and the Poetics of Horror” Patricia Pisters (University of Amsterdam) investigates contemporary women filmmakers who put ‘a poetics of horror’ to new use in their work, thus opening a range of different perspectives on the themes of the horror genre. Afterwards, ÉVOLUTION (Lucile Hadzihalilovic, FR/ES/BE 2015) will be screened. The Cinepoetics Lectures are organized by Cinepoetics—Center for Advanced Film Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. (mu) (25.11.)


arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #12: Patricia Pisters

06:00 pm Cinema 1

Vortrag von Patricia Pisters (University of Amsterdam)

Lecture by Patricia Pisters (University of Amsterdam): „A Trail of Blood. Women Directors and the Poetics of Horror“
In English language
Free admission

arsenal cinema: Filmspotting. Exploring the Deutsche Kinemathek’s Film Archive

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Stau – jetzt geht’ los

*Stau – jetzt geht’ los Thomas Heise Germany 1992
16 mm OV/EnS 85 min

Introduced by Ralph Eue
arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #12: Patricia Pisters

08:00 pm Cinema 1


Évolution Lucile Hadzihalilovic France/Spain/Belgium 2015
DCP OV/EnS 81 min