October 2019, arsenal cinema

Big Cinema, Small Cinema #30: What’s ringing, scratching, rustling there in the film?


Since the first time films were shown in 1895, they were accompanied by sounds and music. Both then and now, noises, music, and sounds were combined. Before we make our own sound experiments and create a soundtrack to LE CHAUDRON INFERNAL (Georges Méliès, France 1903) together and play it live, we discover what can be seen and heard in six short films: we walk through a corn field in SUSAN THROUGH CORN (Kathleen Laughlin, USA 1985) and experience Rosalie in love and dancing in ROSALIE DANSEUSE (Romeo Bosetti, France 1911). FADENSPIELE III plays with mountains, lines, and sounds (Detel Aurand, Ute Aurand, Germany 2013). ZWEIGROSCHENZAUBER (Hans Richter, Germany 1930) presents us an eddy of images, sounds, and words, MOTHLIGHT (Stan Brakhage, USA 1963) moths in the light, and LE CHAUDRON INFERNAL miraculous transformations. (em) From 8 years upwards (20.10.)

arsenal cinema: Films by Wolfgang Höpfner and Peter Goedel

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Zwei Protokolle

Der einsame Wanderer

Zwei Protokolle Wolfgang Höpfner, Norbert Weyer
FRG 1978 16 mm 42 min
*Der einsame Wanderer Philip Sauber
FRG 1968 16 mm 31 min

Wolfgang Höpfner in person
arsenal cinema: Once Upon a Time in Beirut – Homage to Jocelyne Saab

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Kanya Ya Ma Kan, Beyrouth / Il était une fois Beyrouth (Histoire d’une Star)

*Kanya Ya Ma Kan, Beyrouth / Il était une fois Beyrouth (Histoire d’une Star)
Once Upon A Time: Beirut, the History of a Star,
Lebanon/F/Germany 1995 With Myrna Maakaron, Michèle Tyan
35 mm OV/EnS 105 min

Myrna Maakaron in person