November 2019, arsenal cinema

The Harun Farocki Institute Presents


Changes in political system produce images, words, and sounds. Not just the “currency union” or “German Reunification” in 1990, but also the financial crisis in Argentina in 2001 mark systemic interventions at a macro-political level, whereby the regulatory role of the start is taken on by the mechanisms of the deregulated market. The Harun Farocki Institute presents HARD SELLING(Harun Farocki) on the one hand, conversations with an Adidas travelling salesman in Brandenburg in 1990 which describe the transition from East Germany to a market capitalist system by way of sport and leisure items; on the other, material from Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann stemming from their time in Buenos Aires in 2001. They show the protests that accompanied the financial crisis in Argentina. While one state disappears here, there the economy is being denationalized. Visual strategies enter into a relationship of tension with systemic crises and uncompleted protests. With guests A. Creischer und A. Siekmann (dm) (20.11.)

Unfortunately Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann cannot be present, as announced in the Arsenal program. We will organize an event with them at a later stage. Instead, we will show material in connection with "Hard Selling."

arsenal cinema: Big Cinema, Small Cinema #30: What’s ringing, scratching, rustling there in the film?

04:00 pm Cinema 1

Susan through Corn

Rosalie Danseuse



Fadenspiele III

Le chaudron infernal

What’s ringing, scratching, rustling there in the film? Short film program and sound workshop from 8 years upwards
*Susan through Corn Kathleen Laughlin
USA 1974 16 mm OV 2 min
*Rosalie Danseuse Romeo Bosetti
F 1911 35 mm OV 4 min
*Zweigroschenzauber Hans Richter
Germany 1930 16 mm OV 3 min
*Mothlight Stan Brakhage
USA 1963 16 mm OV 3 min
*Fadenspiele III Detel Aurand, Ute Aurand
Germany 2013 16 mm OV 9 min
*Le chaudron infernal Georges Méliès
F 1903 16 mm OV 2 min

Sound workshop and moderation: Eunice Martins
arsenal cinema: Spring on the Korean Peninsula: Korean Cinema 1934–1962

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Mimang-in / The Widow

Mimang-in / The Widow Park Nam-ok
Republic of Korea 1955 Digital file OV/EnS 75 min

Followed by a conversation between Sulgi Lie, Ansgar Vogt and Cho Sun-hee former director Korean Film Archive)
arsenal cinema: Lynne Ramsay Retrospective

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Small Deaths

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Small Deaths UK 1996
35 mm OV 11 min
We Need to Talk About Kevin UK/USA 2011
With Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly
35 mm OV/GeS 112 min