August 2020, arsenal cinema

The DAAD’s Artists-in-Berlin Program presents: Salomé Jashi


In her documentary BAKHMARO (Georgia/G 2011), the Georgian filmmaker Salomé Jashi (*1981) uses a static camera to observe the interior life of a decrepit three-story building in the provinces. Aside from a Chinese-run store, a home for refugees, a small food store, a party office and a singing class, the building also houses a restaurant with brightly colored walls, where the tables are always set but there are never any guests. Waiting for customers, a passive hope for change, the burden of debts, lethargy in a static situation; all this reflect the situation of an entire country. Salomé Jashi will also present Sergei Dvortsevoy's CHLEBNY DEN’ (Bread Day, RUS 1998), which depicts everyday life in a remote Russian village during the economic crisis towards the end of the Yeltsin era and shows the derelict Soviet infrastructure. Since the train carrying the bread does not actually come all the way to the village, the elderly inhabitants have to push the carriage themselves. (bik) (6.8.)

arsenal cinema: The DAAD’s Artists-in-Berlin Program presents: Salomé Jashi

07:30 pm Cinema 1


Bakhmaro Salomé Jashi
Georgia/Germany 2011
DigiBeta OV/EnS 58 min

Followed by a discussion with Salomé Jashi
arsenal cinema: The DAAD’s Artists-in-Berlin Program presents: Salomé Jashi

09:30 pm Cinema 1

Chlebny Den’

Chlebny Den’ Bread Day
Sergei Dvortsevoy Russia 1998
35 mm OV/EnS 55 min

Introduced by Salomé Jashi

09:30 pm Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Shaihu Umar

Black Desert

Shaihu Umar Adamu Halilu Nigeria 1976 OV/EnS 143 min
Showing first:Black Desert Stefan Römer Germany 2007 without dialogue 2 min

Introduced by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus Stefan Römer in person