February 2020, arsenal cinema

Our guests are Mirentxu Loyarte and Iratxe Fresneda


Two Basque filmmakers from two different generations: The first female director of Basque cinema Mirentxu Loyarte was only able to make two short films. IRRINTZI (Spain 1978, 7.2.) is an experimental film set during the transition period after the death of Franco that explores Basque identity and state oppression of the Basque population. In EUSKAL EMAKUMEAK (IKUSKA 12) (Basque Women, Mirentxu Loyarte, Spain 1981, 7.2.), which is part of a documentary series about Basque culture, four women reflect on their work and status as women. Iratxe Fresneda’s IRRINTZIAREN OIHARTZUNAK (Echoing Calls, Spain 2016, 7.2.) is at once a filmic work of memory and a portrait of Mirentxu Loyarte, exploring the conditions of her filmmaking and her later exile. LURRALDE HOTZAK (Cold Lands, Iratxe Fresneda, Spain 2018, 8.2.) is a personal journey into the world of cinema and images. (al)
In cooperation with Gernika Deutsch-Baskischer Kulturverein e.V.

arsenal cinema: Gaumont: Born with Cinema

07:00 pm Cinema 1

Le garçu

Le garçu Maurice Pialat
F 1995 With Gérard Depardieu, Géraldine Pailhas
35 mm OV/GeS 102 min

arsenal cinema: Our guests are Mirentxu Loyarte and Iratxe Fresneda

07:30 pm Cinema 2


Euskal Emakumeak (Ikuska 12)

Irrintziaren Oihartzunak

Irrintzi Mirentxu Loyarte E 1978
DCP OV/EnS 12 min
Euskal Emakumeak (Ikuska 12) Basque Women
Mirentxu Loyarte E 1981 DCP OV/EnS 10 min
Irrintziaren Oihartzunak Echoing Calls
Iratxe Fresneda E 2016 DCP OV/EnS 54 min

Mirentxu Loyarte and Iratxe Fresneda in person, moderated by Petra Palmer
arsenal cinema: Gaumont: Born with Cinema

09:00 pm Cinema 1

La gueule ouverte

La gueule ouverte The Mouth Agape Maurice Pialat
F 1974 With Nathalie Baye, Hubert Deschamps, Philippe Léotard
35 mm OV/EnS 82 min