March 2020, arsenal cinema

The Harun Farocki Institute presents / Forum 50: LEAVE ME ALONE


With Ingemo Engström, Werner Schroeter and Wim Wenders, Gerhard Theuring was among the first students of Munich’s new University of Television and Film, in the class of 1967. His final thesis film LEAVE ME ALONE – WHY DID YOU LEAVE AMERICA was screened in 1971 in the first Berlinale Forum. At the time he said: “LEAVE ME ALONE is a film about America in its portrayal of music about America and pictures from America. It is a film that was shot entirely in Munich. It is an American film because everyone lives in America. It is a film that does not have music but is about the hearing and seeing of music.” Harun Farocki, who worked with Theuring as a writer and editor for the magazine “Filmkritik”, showed the film in his DFFB seminars. (HaFI) Guests: Gerhard Theuring and Ingemo Engström (3.3.)

arsenal cinema: Black Light

07:00 pm Kino 1

The Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus Spencer Williams
USA 1941 35 mm OF 56 min

arsenal cinema: Forum 50

08:00 pm Cinema 2

Le cochon

Le cochon The Pig Jean Eustache, Jean-Michel Barjol
France 1971 16 mm without dialogue 52 min

Introduced by Peter Nau
arsenal cinema: Black Light

08:30 pm Cinema 1


Drylongso Cauleen Smith
USA 1998 16 mm OV 85 min
Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive

arsenal cinema: Forum 50

09:15 pm Kino 2

The Moon and the Sledgehammer

The Moon and the Sledgehammer
Der Mond und der Schmiedehammer
Philip Trevelyan GB 1971 DCP OF 53 min