October 2019, arsenal cinema

Filmmakers’ Choice: DDR – ohne Titel & WOEST – ohne Titel


The films by “DDR – ohne Titel” and “WOEST – ohne Titel” refer to the upheaval of 1989. They speak from different geographical and temporal standpoints, as the countries they are listed under indicate. The first ones, shot in East Germany in the “hot” autumn before the fall of the Wall, are ways of approaching the social upheaval at whose center the filmmakers found themselves. LEIPZIG IM HERBST (East Germany 1989) and IN BERLIN 16.10.–04.11.89 (East Germany 1989) are collections of materials that document a search for orientation in a social context that can no longer be understood. “WOEST – ohne Titel” collects the external view of this upheaval, both temporally and geographically. DDR – OHNE TITEL (Germany 1991), FORMER EAST / FORMER WEST (USA 1994) and DIE DDR HAT ES NIE GEGEBEN / APPELL(Germany 2016) are ghost trips – though East Germany, which still appears like a phantom despite having ceased to exist, and through a new Germany of an unclear nature. (ct) (14.10.)


arsenal cinema: Film Restored. The Film Heritage Festival

10:00 am Cinema 1

Lola Montez

Lola Montez Willi Wolff Germany 1922
DCP OV/EnS approx. 120 min

Introduced by Oliver Hanley (Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf), Anke Mebold (DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum)
Richard Siedhoff on grand piano
arsenal cinema: Film Restored. The Film Heritage Festival

02:00 pm Cinema 1

Werkstattbericht und Film: European Slapstick

Workshop report and Film: European Slapstick: The Pat and Patachon phenomenon
Introduced by Mikael Braae (Det Danske Filminstitut), Jannie Dahl Astrup (Det Danske Filminstitut),
Ulrich Rüdel (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin)
15.00: Lumpenkavaliere Carl Boese Germany/A 1932 DCP 79 min

arsenal cinema: Film Restored. The Film Heritage Festival

05:00 pm Cinema 1

Don Quichotte

*Don Quichotte G.W. Pabst F 1933
DCP OV/EnS 89 min

Introduced by Hervé Pichard (Cinémathèque française)
arsenal cinema: Film Restored. The Film Heritage Festival

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Valahol Európában

Valahol Európában It Happened in Europe
Géza von Radvány Hungary 1948
DCP OV/EnS 100 min

Introduced by György Ráduly (NFI Filmarchívum)