July 2021, arsenal cinema

21 archives


This summer, HKW invites audiences to attend evening open-air concerts, readings, performances, and films as part of their 21 sunsets program. Arsenal is involved once again: 21 archives grasps films and film programs themselves as archival spaces. Found footage, that is, the appropriation and editing together of previously discovered material, is a widely used cinematographic approach. In addition, 21 archives examines the possibilities that arises when this approach leaves its standard operating procedure behind: what if the material used is not found, but rather produced (perhaps because certain perspectives are not included in the existing material)? Or what if it’s not images and sounds that are appropriated, but other things (such as bodily experiences or linking strategies)? Archival practice thus becomes a practice of reorganization and the archive becomes a site of radical critique and lived design. The archive becomes cinema, cinema becomes an archive. The program is held together by 21 planetary events. (stss)

With films by Kenneth Anger, Vartan Avakian, James Benning, Sofie Benoot / Lisbeth De Ceulaer / Isabelle Tollenaere, Joshua Bonnetta, Dagie Brundert, Viera Čákanyová, Tom Callemin, Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, Anouk De Clercq / Tom Callemin, Madhusree Dutta, Susan Dyal, Martin Ebner, Morgan Fisher, Juliane Henrich, Emily Jacir, Ken Jacobs, Evan Johnson, Salomé Jashi, Larissa Sansour / Soren Lind, Maha Maamoun, Guy Maddin, Marie Menken, Peter Miller, Avi Mograbi, Matthias Müller, Petna Ndaliko Katondolo, Bärbel Neubauer, Jonathan Perel, Walid Raad / The Atlas Group, Marta Rodríguez, Constanze Ruhm, Sharon Sandusky, Larissa Sansour / Soren Lind, Philip Scheffner, Deborah Stratman, Take to the Sea (Lina Attalah & Mohamed A. Gawad), Jerry Tartaglia, Clarissa Thieme, Nishikawa Tomonari, Celeste Vargas, Javier Fernández Vázquez, Anton Vidokle, Akram Zaatari. The screenings also include introductions, sometimes with the filmmakers in attendance. Philip Scheffner will be our guest at the opening on 15.7. On 1.8., Erika Balsom presents her book “Ten Skies” on the film of the same name by James Benning, which will be screened afterwards. (15.7.–15.8.)

arsenal cinema: Retrospective Andrei Tarkovsky

08:00 pm Cinema 1


Serkalo Mirror USSR 1975
35 mm OV/EnS 106 min

arsenal cinema: 21 archives

09:00 pm Haus der Kulturen der Welt


The Illinois Parables

*Optimism Deborah Stratman
USA/Canada 2018 OV 15 min
*The Illinois Parables Deborah Stratman
USA 2016 OV 60 min

Open Air cinema at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Admission: 5 / 3 €
: The Garden. 
Cinematics of the Soil

09:30 pm silent green

AIDS Walk in Central Park

Absolutely Positive

*AIDS Walk in Central Park Milena Gierke
USA/Germany 1995 S8 6 min
*Absolutely Positive Peter Adair, Janet Cole
USA 1991 16 mm OV/GeS 87 min

Open Air cinema at silent green, Berlin-Wedding, Admission: 5 €