December 2019, arsenal cinema

The DEFA Foundation Presents: Rural Biographies – Lives in the Country


Although documentary filmmakers Volker Koepp, Jochen Kraußer, and Karl Farber all have very different artistic signatures when it comes to making their work, their films about people in the Oderbruch, the Thüringer Wald, and on the Mulde all narrate personal biographies of life in the country. Volker Koepp shot AM FLUSS (East Germany 1978) in Oderbruch. The film is not just the portrait of a landscape, but also provides insights into the story of German guilt in the European east. LERCHENLIEDER (Jochen Kraußer, East Germany 1980) is the account of the unusual friendship between a 72-year-old Romanian music box collector and a twelve-year-old farmer’s boy in Thüringen. IN DER STRÖMUNG (Karl Farber, East Germany 1982) is the portrait of a ferrywoman who crosses the Mulde many times per day with her ferry. DAS HAUS AM FLUSS (Roland Gräf, East Germany 1985) tells the story of four women who must deal with life during the Second World War while their husbands right at the front. (kg) (2.12.)

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07:00 pm Cinema 1

Masking Tape Intervention: Lebanon 1989

Falling Is Not Collapsing, Falling Is Extending

Masking Tape Intervention: Lebanon 1989
Helene Kazan UK/Lebanon 2013 Digital file OV/EnS 7 min
Falling Is Not Collapsing, Falling Is Extending Marwa Arsanios
Lebanon 2016 Digital file OV/EnS 25 min

Marwa Arsanios and Sandra Schäfer in person, Moderated by Simon Sheikh