November 2017, arsenal cinema

FU-Seminar: Autofiction

FUSES, 1965-68

The subject is marked by way of autobiographical and performative gestures; an unstable, yet productive figure which is constructed, summoned up, and repressed. Subjectivity has become a central production factor. Stories are evoked via (supposed) autobiographical settings, fictional series are introduced by home movie trailers. A critical conception of the subject meets an anthropomorphic camera and questions of memory, alterity, and trauma affect film as a form of cultural memory. Subjectively narrated experimental (auto)biographies, diary films, shifting performative figures, and “biomythographies” enriched with documentary gestures are all to be shown. Narrative discoveries are inherent to auto-ethnographic strategies. The relationships of the image, truth, and self-evidence of non-fictional forms of narrative require that the documentary gesture be clarified. A screening with examples from the Arsenal collection. (mb) (13. & 20.11.)

arsenal cinema: Reading Labels in the Dark – Flux and Other Films from the Arsenal Archive

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Zen for Film (Fluxfilm No.1)

Eye Blink (Fluxfilm No. 9)

Four (Fluxfilm No. 16)


Disappearing Music for Face (Fluxfilm No. 4)

Super Smile


One (Fluxfilm No. 14)


Shout (Fluxfilm No. 22)

The Evil Faerie (Fluxfilm No. 25)

Flying Saucey

Faire un effort (Fluxfilm No. 40)

33 Yo-Yo Tricks

*Zen for Film (Fluxfilm No.1) Nam June Paik
USA 1964 16 mm silent 8 min
*Eye Blink (Fluxfilm No. 9) Yoko Ono
USA 1966 16 mm silent 1 min
*Four (Fluxfilm No. 16) Yoko Ono
USA 1966 16 mm silent 6 min
*Syncpoint Isabell Spengler & Larry Peacock
D 2007 Digital OV 4 min
*Disappearing Music for Face (Fluxfilm No. 4)
Shiomi Chieko USA 1966 16 mm silent 11 min
*Super Smile Effie Wu D 2007 DCP silent 5 min
*Waiting Nan Hoover USA 1979 16 mm OV 10 min
*One (Fluxfilm No. 14) Yoko Ono
USA 1966 16 mm silent 5 min
*Fuses Carolee Schneemann
USA 1965–68 16 mm silent 22 min
*Shout (Fluxfilm No. 22) Jeff Perkins & Anthony Cox
USA 1966 16mm silent 2 min
*The Evil Faerie (Fluxfilm No. 25) George Landow
USA 1966 16mm silent 1 min
*Flying Saucey Marie Losier USA 2006
Digital file without dialogue 9 min
*Faire un effort (Fluxfilm No. 40) Ben Vautier
USA 1969 16 mm silent 2 min
*33 Yo-Yo Tricks P. White USA 1981
16 mm without dialogue 8 min

Introduced by Uli Ziemons