November 2017, arsenal cinema

FU-Seminar: Autofiction

FUSES, 1965-68

The subject is marked by way of autobiographical and performative gestures; an unstable, yet productive figure which is constructed, summoned up, and repressed. Subjectivity has become a central production factor. Stories are evoked via (supposed) autobiographical settings, fictional series are introduced by home movie trailers. A critical conception of the subject meets an anthropomorphic camera and questions of memory, alterity, and trauma affect film as a form of cultural memory. Subjectively narrated experimental (auto)biographies, diary films, shifting performative figures, and “biomythographies” enriched with documentary gestures are all to be shown. Narrative discoveries are inherent to auto-ethnographic strategies. The relationships of the image, truth, and self-evidence of non-fictional forms of narrative require that the documentary gesture be clarified. A screening with examples from the Arsenal collection. (mb) (13. & 20.11.)

arsenal cinema: Archival Assembly #1

06:00 pm Cinema 1

The Inheritance

Introduction: Bernd Scherer (Director Haus der Kulturen der Welt),
Stefanie Schulte Strathaus (Co-Director Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst)
The Inheritance Ephraim Asili USA 2020
35 mm OV 100 min

Guest: Ephraim Asili
arsenal cinema: Archival Assembly #1

10:00 pm Cinema 1

Trópicos Mecânicos | Mechanic Tropics (Mueda)

Trópicos Mecânicos | Mechanic Tropics (Mueda)
Performance by Felipe Bragança in collaboration with Teatro Griot and Catarina Wallenstein, with a warm up conversation with Felipe Bragança and Catarina Simão
With: Matamba Joaquim, Zia Soares, Catarina Wallenstein, Giovanni Lourenço and Daniel Martinho