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arsenal cinema: “The gatekeepers exist to be overthrown.” 
Amos Vogel – Repeats and Responses

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Walking From Munich to Berlin

Geography of the Body

Meshes of the Afternoon

Glens Falls Sequence

In the Street


Un chant d’amour

Walking From Munich to Berlin Oskar Fischinger Germany 1927 35 mm 5 min
Geography of the Body Willard Maas USA 1943 16 mm 7 min
Meshes of the Afternoon Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid USA 1943 16 mm 14 min
Glens Falls Sequence Douglass Crockwell USA 1946 16 mm 11 min
Print from the George Eastman Museum, Rochester
In the Street Helen Levitt, James Agee USA 1948 16 mm OV 16 min
Desistfilm Stan Brakhage USA 1954 16 mm without dialogue 7 Min
Un chant d’amour Jean Genet F 1950 16 mm without dialogue 26 min

Introduced by Tobias Hering