January 2020, arsenal cinema

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: HA’ MAKAH HA’ SHMONIM VE’ AHAT (The 81st Blow)


January 27th 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp. In 2015, Arsenal digitally restored the far too seldom screened documentary HA' MAKAH HA' SHMONIM VE' AHAT (The 81st Blow, David Bergman, Jacques Ehrlich, Haim Gouri, Miriam Novitch, Zvi Shner, Israel 1975) as part of the "Asynchronous: Documentaries and Experimental Films on the Holocaust” project. Based on the testimony of Michael Goldmann-Gilad, who as a child in the ghetto was almost beaten to death, the film explores Jewish life in Europe before 1933, Hitler's seizure of power, the outbreak of war, the establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto and its demolishment after the Uprisings there, ending with the deportations and extermination camps. Archive footage is transformed from a document and piece of evidence into a monument. (gk) Introduction: Christian Pischel. (27.1.)

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Amos Vogel – Repeats and Responses

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Studie II (Halluzinationen)

Tagning Öyvind Fahlström

Tagning Narkomaner


Ansikten i skugga


The Lead Shoes

Studie II (Halluzinationen) Peter Weiss
Sweden 1952 16 mm without dialogue 5 min
Tagning Öyvind Fahlström Peter Weiss
Sweden 1961 Digital file OV 11 min
Tagning Narkomaner Peter Weiss
Sweden 1961 Digital file without dialogue 6 min
Aube Jean-Claude Sée Frankreich 1950–51
16 mm without dialogue 21 min
Ansikten i skugga Gesichter im Schatten Peter Weiss
Sweden 1956 16 mm OV 13 min
Ateljéinteriör The Studio of Dr. Faust Peter Weiss
Sweden 1956 16 mm OV 10 min
The Lead Shoes Sidney Peterson
USA 1949 16 mm OV 17 min
Prints Peter Weiss: Filmform, Stockholm

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