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Fri 14.10.

  • Director

    Willi Wolff

  • Germany / 1928
    82 min. / DCP / German intertitles and English subtitles

  • with

    Ellen Richter, Jakob Tiedtke, Ralph Arthur Roberts, Julius Falkenstein, Harry Halm, Tiller Girls

  • Original language


  • Cinema

    Arsenal 1

    zu den Ticketszu dem Kalender
  • Premiere of the trio music composed by Frido ter Beek for Maud Nelissen (piano), Daphne Balvers (saxophone), Frido ter Beek (saxophone, percussion) Introduction: Oliver Hanley, Lihi Nagler, Philipp Stiasny

Is this woman dangerous? In MORAL, Ellen Richter plays a famous revue star whose self-confident appearance and attitude is seen as a threat by the morally pious citizens of a provincial German town. They force her off the stage, but away from public view they pay her personal visits with sleazy intentions. But this woman fights back. She secretly films her suitors and thus exposes their morality as a double standard. A sure-fire success for Ellen Richter, who shines as the diva alongside the Tiller Girls in the film’s spectacular revue scenes, and effortlessly fends herself against the men’s attacks with wit and cleverness. Ellen Richter’s husband Willi Wolff turns Ludwig Thoma’s classic stage play from 1908 into a snappy jazz-age satire full of situation comedy and energy while assuming a female camera gaze. (Philipp Stiasny/Oliver Hanley)

Live music:

Dutch musicians Maud Nelissen (piano), Daphne Balvers (saxophone) and Frido ter Beek (saxophone and percussion) comprise a trio that adds contemporary ingredients to classical music and jazz, creating new sounds, moods and flavours. Whether as soloists or as part of the larger ensemble going by the name “The Sprockets”, they always exude the greatest joy of playing. On the occasion of the Berlin premiere of the restoration of MORAL, Frido ter Beek, who now lives in Buenos Aires, has composed a new score for trio. Expect a very special event!




Sample Frido ter Beek

A sample by Frido ter Beek can be heard in advance.

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