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Die Dame mit dem Tigerfell

The Carnival Crime
Film still from DIE DAME MIT DEM TIGERFELL: A man and a woman in elegant evening dress are standing on a terrace.
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Sat 15.10.

  • Director

    Willi Wolff

  • Germany / 1927
    66 min. / 35 mm / English intertitles

  • with

    Ellen Richter, Georg Alexander, Bruno Kastner, Kurt Gerron

  • Original language


  • Cinema

    Arsenal 1

    zu den Ticketszu dem Kalender
  • Live Music: Meg Morley (piano), Frank Bockius (percussion) Introduction: Maggie Hennefeld

In the midst of the carnival in Nice, a man is stabbed to death. Only seconds before, Ellen Garet (Ellen Richter) had spoken with him and learned about an art heist. Now she launches her own investigation and encounters intrigues and false identities in the milieu of gamblers and tourists. A comical Englishman, Lord Abbot (George Alexander), serves as her sidekick. DIE DAME MIT DEM TIGERFELL (The Carnival Crime) is a typical Ellen Richter film: packed with carnival spectacle and beautiful landscapes, with fashionable clothes and fast cars, with criminal suspense, but also plenty of comedy and irony. For Ellen Richter and her husband Willi Wolff, the South of France became a place of longing and destiny. Again and again, they were drawn there for shooting. Wolff died in Nice in 1947, where the couple is buried in the Jewish section of the city cemetery. (Philipp Stiasny/Oliver Hanley)

Live music:

Pianist Meg Morley from London and drummer Frank Bockius from Freiburg share an unusual sensitivity and spontaneity which they developed in playing with dance and theatre ensembles. Their first duo performance in Germany promises punchy dynamics and dance-like lightness with ample helpings of jazz improvisation and Latin American rhythms.


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