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Big Cinema, Small Cinema #57 
... Between 1901 and 1991

Sun 11.12.

We are showing films of different genres from several decades: a fleeting marvel from 1901 (TANZFEE) and a natural spectacle with a salamander (L‘AXOLOTL) from 1910, both in black and white. A not entirely conventional fairy tale from 1991 (DIE PRINZESSSIN AUF DER ERBSE, Ulrike Pfeiffer, Ute Aurand, Germany 1991), an animated film with funny eggs (WATTS WITH EGGS, Marie Menken, USA) and a rapidly edited, double exposed film about a small Greek church (BLISS, Gregory Markopoulos, USA), both from 1967. And last, but not least, you will see a poetic documentary from Sicily with fisherman and dancing children from 1954 (LU TEMPU DI LI PISCI SPATA, Vittorio De Seta, Italy 1954). (Ute Aurand)

For everyone age 7 and above

The films
Tanzfee Anonym 1901 16 mm 1 Min.
L’Axolotl Anonym 1910 16 mm 6 Min.
Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse Ulrike Pfeiffer, Ute Aurand Germany 1991 35 mm 4 Min.
Watts with Eggs Marie Menken USA 1967 16 mm 2 Min.
Bliss Gregory Markopoulos USA 1967 16 mm 6 Min.
Lu tempu di li pisci spata Vittorio De Seta Italy 1954 DCP 11 Min.

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