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Poesie der Filmsprache – Hommage à János Tóth

Film still from ARÉNA. In black and white you see cheering spectators of a sports event, they are behind a fence.

Sat 28.01.

"Poetry of Film Language" (Jan. 28) is dedicated to the cinematographer and director János Tóth, a master of image design. He created a new genre in collaboration with Zoltán Huszárik - the film-poem, of which the short CAPRICCIO (1969) is an example. But he reached the purest form of the film-poem with his own work ARÉNA (1979), which is constructed from dynamically changing image sequences. István Bácskai Lauró's lyrical documentary IGÉZET (The Spell, 1963), a Gesamtkunstwerk with elements of painting, music, and literature, is considered a pioneer of form.

Capriccio Zoltán Huszárik 1969 Camera and editing: János Tóth DCP without dialogue 18 Min.
Igézet Der Bann István Bácskai Lauró 1963 Famera: János Tóth DCP without dialogue 21 Min.
Aréna János Tóth 1979 DCP without dialogue 23 Min.

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