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Kristina Talking Pictures

Film still from KRISTINA TALKING PICTURES: A man and a woman sit next to each other in bed and look head-on into the camera.

Sun 19.03.

  • Director

    Yvonne Rainer

  • USA / 1976
    90 min. / DCP / Original version

  • with

    Bert Barr, Frances Barth, James Barth, James Cagney

  • Cinema

    Arsenal 1

    zu den Ticketszu dem Kalender

KRISTINA TALKING PICTURES “is a narrative film inasmuch as it contains a series of events that can be synthesized into a story if one is disposed to do so. (A European woman line-tamer comes to America and takes up choreography) The film can also be characterized by its discursions from a strict narrative line via reflections on art, love, and catastrophe sustained by the voices of Kristina, the heroine-narrator, and Raoul, her lover. Within its form of shifting correlations between word and image, persona and performer, enactment and illustration, explanation and ambiguity, KTP circles in a narrowing spiral toward its primary concerns: the uncertain relation of public act to personal fate, the ever-present possibility for disparity between public-directed conscience and private will." (Yvonne Rainer)

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