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Tribute Dore O. ― Experimental films and book presentation

Film still from KASKARA: One sees superimposed images; the interior of a house, the body of a person without the head.

Mon 29.05.

The evening is dedicated to one of the most independent voices of German experimental film, the artist Dore O. (1946-2022). A pioneer of personal film poetics, Dore O. created her own "signature, her own tone, her own film method" (Harun Farocki). The short film program, comprising works from almost four decades, shows a mutable reality that unfolds enigmatically and suggestively by means of sensual image layering and radical sounds. Aiming to offer a long overdue reappraisal of Dore O.'s barely explored film practice, the new publication “Figures of Absence” (StrzeleckiBooks) pays tribute to the formal achievements of a cinematic vision, which made a significant contribution to the international continuum of radical film art and provides historical context. (Masha Matzke)

Alaska Dore O. FRG 1968 DCP 18 Min.
Lawale Dore O. FRG 1969 DCP 30 Min.
Kaskara Dore O. FRG/Sweden 1974 DCP 20 Min.
Xoanon Dore O. Germany 1994 16 mm 11 Min.

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