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Film still from ECHTZEIT: A heavily pixelated portrait of a woman.

Mon 26.06.

  • Director

    Hellmuth Costard, Jürgen Ebert

  • FRG / 1981-83
    111 min. / DCP / Original version

  • Cinema

    Arsenal 1

    zu den Ticketszu dem Kalender
  • Introduction: Jennifer Borrmann, guests: Jürgen Ebert, Sibylle Hofter

ECHTZEIT is a mental experiment in cinematographic form. Ruth und Georg – or rather their voices, as their bodies are not shown – are in a unreal virtual space, right now, in real time. Their conversations revolve around reality, simulation and ultimately life. What is real, what is not and how do we recognize which is which? Who and what actually exists? Where are humans in this? Philosophical questions of digitization and the accompanying loss of reality are augmented with the changing aspects of filmmaking in connection with increasing levels of technology. The film remains within narrative modules, a mental experiment about how the world can be measured in both analogue and digital terms. ECHTZEIT combines elements of documentary and fiction in its reflection on the fleeting elements of simulation and realty. (Jennifer Borrmann)

Funded by:

  • Logo Minister of State for Culture and the Media