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Film still from MIMI: Two women are standing on the street in front of an archway with a fence.

Wed 28.06.

Every life is a novel – and Mimi isn’t just a suitable protagonist for a novel, but also has talent as a narrator. Her life took her from Nice to a mountain village. Now, at the age of 60, she visits places together with the filmmaker that are of significance for the different stages of her biography: her father’s grave, a park, the harbor, the train platforms and the mountains. There she reminisces and gives an account of many different things, including moments from her difficult childhood and her love for women. Mimi’s free and yet staged speech structures the film, which finds space both for coincidences as well as for arranged performances by a violinist and a singer with a guitar. It is a life that seems perfect for a script in retrospect and would also make for a good feature film, as Claire Simon herself put it. (bik)

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