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Film still from LE CONCOURS: A group of young people in a staircase.

Fri 30.06.

Every year, thousands apply to study at the renowned Paris film school “La Fémis”, although only a very small number of places is available. Claire Simon was head of the directing department there from 2003 to 2014. Her observational documentary enables audiences to take a look behind the scenes, first and foremost at the highly selective acceptance process: a handwritten essay on a film scene (this time a scene from a film by Kiyoshi Kurosawa), a practical workshop and a lengthy discussion with a board of experts from the French film industry. The focus is squarely on the processes according to which the candidates are judged; a southern French accent can end up being an advantage or a disadvantage. The selection criteria turn out to be subjective, and personal prejudice and classism are in play, even if the gatekeepers are aware of their responsibility. At the end, there is the group photo of the new intake. (bik)

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