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Kyokushi teki eros: Renka 1974

My Very Private Eros, Love Song
Film stlll from MY VERY PRIVATE EROS, LOVE SONG: A young woman is sitting in a room.

Tue 11.07.

  • Director

    Kazuo Hara

  • Japan / 1974
    113 min. / 16 mm / Original version with German subtitles

  • Cinema

    Arsenal 1

    zu den Ticketszu dem Kalender
  • Introduction by Juan González, followed by a conversation

Film copies were, and are, made primarily to be projected. Today, however, there are many that go sit on shelves, overlooked and forgotten. Only a few get the chance to be reborn in digital form. Film is a material that is constantly changing and in archives the changes are documented in condition reports. Sometimes the encounter between the person checking the condition of the copy and the film itself can seem like a revelation. In the Condition Report series, filmmaker Juan González wants to share his own moments of discovery in his work examining films at Arsenal. This time, the focus is on Kazuo Hara'sKYOKUSHI TEKI EROS: RENKA 1974, which depicts the strained relationship between the filmmaker and his ex-wife, the radical feminist Miyuki Takeda. Hara accompanies her in her struggle for freedom within the structures of Japanese society and beyond. There will be an opportunity for discussion after the screening. (Juan González)

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