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Filmstill from NOPE

Sat 28.10.

After the success of his first two feature films Get Out (2017) and Us (2019), Jordan Peele had the financial means for a very ambitious large-scale production: NOPE (2022) was shot almost entirely on 65mm, and 40 percent on IMAX cameras. Peele's third film is also horror, but also a sci-fi film and Western. In it, a brother and sister run a ranch not far from Hollywood and handle horses for film productions, but they do not earn enough to cover their living expenses. All of a sudden, inexplicable things start to happen, and a UFO is sighted, which gives rise to the hope that film footage of the extraterrestrial object will be able to remedy their financial woes. "NOPE seems again and again to be episodic, and yet in the end it comes together to form a great film, an audacious legend of things that Hollywood has never wanted to know about itself in this way. Even if one could take dramaturgical offense at some of the details, the night scenes alone are worth a visit to the cinema, and beyond that, NOPE is a visual event of the first order." (Bert Rebhandl)

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