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Film still from HOLIDAY: Edward Everett Horton stands next to two women, all looking in the same direction, he is grimacing.

Thu 04.04.

  • Director

    George Cukor

  • USA / 1938
    95 min. / 35 mm / Original version

  • with

    Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Edward Everett Horton

  • Original language


  • Cinema

    Arsenal 1

    zu den Ticketszu dem Kalender

Johnny Case (Cary Grant) and Julia Seton have fallen in love while on vacation. Although they barely know each other – he’s not even aware that she’s the daughter of a millionaire – the marriage is supposed to take place as soon as possible. Johnny’s background is modest to say the least and he enters Julia’s palatial home via the service entrance. “Life walked into the house this morning”, comments Julia’s non-conformist sister Linda (Katharine Hepburn), who finds Jonny’s warm, direct manner (more than just) appealing right from the get go. The black sheep of the family doesn’t share Julia’s idea that “there’s no such thrill in the world as making money”, and Johnny will also have to decide whether he wants to be a successful Wall Street banker or continue to “not need much to live” – a stance that his future father-in-law regards as “un-American” and “ the talk of a 17-year-old”. Johnny receives moral support from his friends Nick (Edward Everett Horton) and Susan Potter, a pleasant and unconventional professor couple, who are, like him, ill at ease with the stiff upper class milieu.

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