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Filmmakers’ Choice: … as simple as possible (but not simpler)

Film still from AN AVANT-GARDE HOME MOVIE: You see a double exposure of a snowy landscape and a naked body in a bed.

Mon 15.04.

This evening, films will be shown that captivate due to their reduced nature and that draw on all on the means of the moving image to convey situations and circumstances with a complexity that only artistic cinema is capable of. In addition, gems and masterpieces from the Arsenal archive will be presented that are only seldom screened. Such enjoyment of colors and materiality is only possible in cinema. “… as simple as possible (but not simpler)” describes a maximum level of simplification whereby nothing more can be done away with, cut or removed, this is what is truly masterful! “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.“ (Albert Einstein) This isn’t an original quote to be found in a letter or book, but rather the paraphrase of an Einsteinian thought. These films also translate complex realities into another language in a free manner that still captures their original essence. (Karø Goldt)

Windows Peter Greenaway UK 1974 Digital file 4 Min.
Thought Larry Gottheim USA 1971 Digital file 7 Min.
Wahab Toni Serra F/Morocco 1994 Digital file 4 Min.
H (I) J Guillaume Cailleau Germany 2009 Digital file 6 Min.
l’heure bleue Karø Goldt Germany 2022 Digital file 4 Min.
An Avant-Garde Home Movie Stan Brakhage USA 1961 16 mm 4 Min.
Misty Picture Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet Germany 2021 DCP 17 Min.
Choose Your Battles Karø Goldt Germany 2022 Digital file 4 Min.
Moon Play Marie Menken USA 1961 16 mm 4 Min.
solstice Karø Goldt Germany 2022 Digital file 5 Min.

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