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Film still from ROSE LOWDER

Fri 21.06.

Most of Franco-Peruvian experimental film legend Rose Lowder’s oeuvre has been dedicated to capturing the natural world and ecological concerns, which is reflected in the very title of her ongoing Bouquets series, a silent collection of minute-long “flowers” produced frame by frame. As in all her films, Lowder uses a 16mm Bolex camera to break down nature and its non-human entities into fragments that are then recombined according to her own specific rhythm and logic, crafting exquisitely structural miniatures in which flora, fauna and landscape are always made tangible by way of form. QUIDPROQUO travels the perfectly hybrid landscape of southern France, where there is constant friction between the beauty of nature and the markers of industrial technology. BOUQUETS 21-30 is a panoply of fleeting portraits of agricultural-ecological sites replete with animals, vegetation and all manner of blooms. LA SOURCE DE LA LOIRE traces the initial course of the River Loire as a babbling brook in the mountains, splitting up sound and image in the process to heighten perception of each. And BOUQUETS 31-30 finds a new set of ecological sites to explore, which this time also house rabbits, turtles, butterflies and cats. (jl)

Quiproquo Rose Lowder France 1992 16 mm without dialogue 13 min.
Bouquets 21-30 France 2001–2005 16 mm without dialogue 14 min.
La source de la Loire France 2021 16 mm without dialogue 20 min.
Bouquets 31-40 France 2014–2022 16 mm without dialogue 10 min.

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