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Film still from IM ÜBERGANG: A man with glasses sits at the window in the train, rests his head on his hand and looks out of the window.

Mon 08.07.

  • Director

    Kurt Tetzlaff

  • Germany / 1990
    82 min. / 35 mm / Original version

  • Cinema

    Arsenal 1

    zu den Ticketszu dem Kalender
  • Followed by a conversation with Linda Söffker (DEFA-Stiftung) and Alexander Schulz

The last two films that director Kurt Tetzlaff made at DEFA are a chronicle of the events of 1989/90, reflected by Alexander Schulz, a high school graduate from Potsdam with opinions. Filming for the first part began in March 1989 and Alexander was accompanied through the period of the change and upheaval until March 1990. His sobering conclusion: "We are selling ourselves for the Deutschmark, Mallorca and Marlboro." The second part, IM ÜBERGANG - PROTOKOLL EINER HOFFNUNG, tells of the hopes of those who took to the streets in 1989 to fight for a better society. The political situation changed rapidly, disappointment over the outcome of the Volkskammer elections and the unification treaty set in. Kurt Tetzlaff was at Alexander's side the whole time and observed how the sense of community that united the people on the street dwindled again. Alexander summarized: "Back then, for many it was a question of fleeing from East to West. Now I realize that wouldn't have solved the problem at all ..." (Linda Söffker)

Showing first: Last sequence from Im Durchgang – Protokoll für das Gedächtnis
Kurt Tetzlaff GDR 1990 Digital file approx. 12 min.

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