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Films by Lew Hohmann

Film still from COPYRIGHT BY LUTHER: A drawing in colour. You can see a weighing pan in which church representatives and a royal person are sitting. A blue animal hangs from a bowl.

Mon 12.08.

On the occasion of Lew Hohmann's 80th birthday on July 22, the DEFA Foundation is dedicating a cinema evening to the director, author and film scholar, and presenting three documentaries that he made in the DEFA studios for GDR television.
S'BRENT - LIN JALDATI - ERINNERUNGEN (1982) portrays the life and work of Jewish singer, Auschwitz survivor and communist Lin Jaldati (1912-1988); born in the Netherlands, she settled in East Berlin in 1952 and was a successful performer of Yiddish songs in the GDR. Angelika, a department store cashier, and single mother, is at the center of ASCHERMITTWOCH (1990). Shot in stark black and white, the film depicts East German life and working environments and also reflects (not without irony) on the pre-Reunification period. COPYRIGHT BEI LUTHER (1983), a playful and humorous collage of animated and distorted real film elements, sheds light on Martin Luther's work as a Bible translator and the importance of printing as an emerging mass medium for the dissemination of new ideas. (Mirko Wiermann)

Aschermittwoch Lew Hohmann DDR 1990 35 mm 19 Min.
s’brent – Lin Jaldati – Erinnerungen Lew Hohmann DDR 1982 35 mm 50 Min.
Copyright by Luther Lew Hohmann DDR 1983 35 mm 16 Min.

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