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Filmstill from MANÖVER

Mon 25.09.

Short-changed? That’s not how it should feel! Short films are neither “just shorts” nor should they be left out of the process of looking back at our film heritage. The short film format offered many young filmmakers the opportunity for artistic exploration beyond the old-fashioned norms of “dad’s cinema”. Classical narrative structures and motifs were thrown overboard in favor of a free approach to staging whose lively lightness of touch still captivates to this day. In the first half of the 60s in particularly, many small works of art were created. What’s striking about several of them is their visual ambition, which is reminiscent of the aesthetics of the French Nouvelle Vague. For years now, short films have also formed an important part of the Deutsche Kinemathek’s digitization projects. The program “60’s in Shorts – Short Films from the 60s” shows seven short films by Hansjürgen Pohland, May Spils, Hellmuth Costard, Christian Rischert and Helke Sander, digitized and restored in new old freshness. (jw)

Was du ererbst von Deinen Vätern Hansjürgen Pohland West Germany 1957 DCP 11 min.
Schatten Hansjürgen Pohland West Germany 1960 DCP 11 min.
Manöver May Spils West Germany 1967 DCP 10 min.
Tom ist doof Hellmuth Costard West Germany 1965 DCP 13 min. 
It’s a Wonderful Life Christian Rischert West Germany 1965 DCP 16 min.
Subjektitüde Helke Sander West Germany 1966 DCP 5 min.
Besonders wertvoll Hellmuth Costard West Germany 1968 DCP 13 min. 

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