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Film still from MONKEY SHINES: A little monkey opening its mouth.

Sun 30.06.

  • Director

    Emilio Varavella

  • Italy / 2017
    13 min. / Digital file / Without dialogue

Animal Cinema

ANIMAL CINEMA is a fascinating compendium of YouTube videos that show animals stealing cameras and operating them on instinct alone: a film co-directed by squirrels, monkeys, lions and birds, with the supple editing serving to combine these distinct zoological perspectives into one fluid, non-human vision of the world. (jl)

  • Director

    George A. Romero

  • USA / 1988
    113 min. / 35 mm / Original version with Spanish subtitles

  • Original language


Monkey Shines

After being hit by a truck, young law student Allan is rendered quadriplegic and in need of constant care, for which his scientist friend Geoffrey has the perfect, if unorthodox solution: a Capuchin monkey named Ella specially trained to cater to his every need. Allan and Ella soon develop a bond so intense that he begins to see the world through her eyes, although what Allan doesn’t know is that Geoffrey has been giving Ella an experimental brain serum to increase her intelligence. Heightened aggression is an unwanted side effect... George A. Romeo’s typically entertaining horror highlights the innate perils of unchecked science and animal testing, tapping into an murderously unhinged non-human perspective along the way to create exquisite genre thrills. (jl)

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