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Filmstill from DUNKIRK by Christopher Nolans

Thu 23.11.

As part of our series of screenings of analog large-format  films, we present Christopher Nolan's DUNKIRK that was shot on 65mm. In May 1940, 400,000 French and British soldiers in Dunkirk on France's North Sea coast were encircled by the German Wehrmacht. The film depicts their large-scale evacuation across the Channel. The massive rescue operation is broken down into three plotlines - land, sea, air – that each has its own unit of time - an hour, a day, a week. The experience of the struggle for survival and the ongoing progression of time are conveyed to the viewer in an almost physical way, due in part to the choice of the 70mm film format, which lends the image an "immersive quality" (Christopher Nolan). "You don't have to like a film that wants you to leave you tongue-tied. But DUNKIRK left me speechless and churned my guts. Christopher Nolan's film succeeds beyond measure in being what it is." (Ekkehard Knörer)

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