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Erzählen and Zwischen zwei Kriegen

Film still from ERZÄHLEN. The faces of a man and a woman half uperimposed. In the background the elevated railroad.

Sun 05.06.

  • Director

    Ingemo Engström, Harun Farocki

  • FRG / 1975
    60 Min. / Digital file

  • Original language



“Not a program about narration, but rather a program in which the work of authorship takes place”, wrote Harun Farocki in a first draft to the WDR editors for literature and language. Berlin, summer 1975. A woman (Engström) is carrying out research on the traces left behind by writer and revolutionary Larissa Reissner; a man (Farocki) would like to better understand the entanglements between the coal and gas industry and National Socialism. “You shouldn’t write it as an academic paper”, is what a friend (Hanns Zischler) advises him, “you should tell a story. Then people who wouldn’t read an academic book will also read it.” Two researchers, we watch them carrying out their investigations.

  • Director

    Harun Farocki

  • FRG / 1978
    83 min. / 16 mm / Original version with English subtitles

  • Original language


Zwischen zwei Kriegen

From a draft: “1917, a nurse walks over the battlefields in France and collects the last words of those dying. A cruel angel of history: whoever dies leaves just one word in the text of knowledge, which is then reordered.” The nurse is played by Ingemo Engström. Farocki’s film translates a hypothesis by Alfred Sohn-Rethel on the intertwining of politics and economy into film and depicts the transition from the Weimar Republic to National Socialism.

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