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Found Futures IV: Home movies of Don Vitalini | Cinelimite & Syros International Film Festival

Film still from CLOSES: Two young people embrace and kiss in the sea.
Still from CLOSES; Pedro Nunes, 1982 © Project Digitalização Viajante

Thu 15.06.

10.00-11.00: Home movies of Don Vitalini
Daniel Melfi is researching the Don Vitalini fonds, preserved at Bologna’s Home Movies archive. The collection contains sixty-four 8mm films shot by the priest Don Cirillo Vitalini, between 1959 and 1996, in the Valtellina valley in northern Italy. Melfi seeks to understand what Vitalini’s films reveal about the social and cultural relevance of home movies as vehicles documenting societal change. He investigates the microhistorical capacity of Vitalini’s films to demonstrate developments in agricultural Italy from the postwar period of the “economic miracle” until the late-1970s and early 1980s.

11.00-12.00: Cinelimite & Syros International Film Festival
Founders of Cinelimite platform, Brazil, provide a detailed overview of the Digitalização Viajante project (Traveling Digitization). The project of the Iniciativa de Digitalização de Filmes Brasileiros and the Associação Brasileira de Preservação Audiovisual took place between 2022 and 2023. Its members utilized a Super 8 and 8mm portable scanner and workstation, and traveled through six Brazilian cities. Through its efforts, Digitalização Viajante brought together individuals in decentralized networks, providing infrastructure and knowledge to bridge the gap and give access to digitization services, ultimately preserving Brazil’s audiovisual heritage and digitized over 300 films from various archives, houses, and universities. Further information is available as PDF.

Founded in 2013, and directed by Jacob Moe, the Syros International Film Festival (SIFF) showcases a wide spectrum of cinema in traditional and re-purposed island sites. Located in the middle of the Aegean summer, removed from the usual demands and hierarchies of the film industry, SIFF embeds events, styles and programs—experimental and narrative, recent and retrospective, Greek and international, workshops and live performance—into its unique setting.
See also „Ten Frames“ (PDF) by Cassandra Celestin, Aaron Khandros, Jacob Moe.

12.00-13.00: Found Futures closing discussion and presentation of Filmap.org

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