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From the Baalbeck Studios’s Collection: Everything That is Forgotten Dies: A Story in a Grain of Dust

Film strip of the film AL-MUALIM LATTUF.

Wed 14.06.

By engaging in the research of film preservation, we can gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which political climates shape the work of filmmakers and how their work may be forgotten or erased from public memory. After establishing a film laboratory in Damascus in 1951, Youssef Fahdeh moved to Beirut, in 1955, where he filmed and directed IN THE AREAS OF LEBANON, shot on 16mm film. In 1961, he worked on the two feature films AL-MUALIM LATTUF and FI AL-DAR GHARIBAH. During the coup d’etat in Lebanon later that year, Fahdeh returned to Damascus, where he directed films for the Ministry of Culture. AL-MUALIM LATTUF remains unfinished and part of the archival collection of Baalbeck Studios, preserved by UMAM Documentation & Research (UMAM D&R).
The interactive presentation of film fragments is followed by a talk with the UMAM D&R team.

*Al-mualim lattuf Youssef Fahdeh Lebanon 1961 Fragment DCP silent 12 Min.
*Fi al-dar gharibah Stranger in the House Youssef Fahdeh
Lebanon 1961 Fragment DCP silent 32 Min.

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