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Mainzer Straße 12./13. November & Erster Verlust

Filmstill aus ERSTER VERLUST

Mon 04.09.

  • Germany / 1990
    8 min.

Mainzer Straße 12./13. November

“There’s always something left over, some remnant that doesn’t work out. Then the images lie around and wait for history.” That’s how Thomas Heise opens his compilation film Material, which combines previously unreleased film footage from 1989/90. One sequence from this comprehensive collection of material was filmed by Peter Badel in November 1990 and shows the police clearing the occupied houses in Mainzer Straße in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin. Piercing images, including one of a man falling to his knees next to a water cannon and pleading at the top of his voice “Stop now, stop now!”

  • Director

    Maxim Dessau

  • East Germany / 1990
    102 min. / 35 mm

Erster Verlust

In ERSTER VERLUST (East Germany 1990), Maxim Dessau and Peter Badel tell a German story in the middle of the Second World War, freely adapted from motifs taken from Brigitte Reimann’s short story Die Frau am Pranger (1956). Sisters Kathrin and Frida take in Russian prisoner-of-war Alexej, who is supposed to help them by working on the farm. Prejudices gradually disappear and Kathrin gets closer to the stranger. As the stranger becomes familiar, the two sisters grow progressively distant. (ls)

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