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Film still from MUNICH. Two men reflected in a pane of glass.

Wed 13.04.

  • Director

    Steven Spielberg

  • USA, Canada, France / 2005
    164 Min. / Original version with German subtitles

  • with

    With Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Mathieu Kassovitz, Mathieu Amalric, Hanns Zischler, Michael Lonsdale, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

  • Original language


  • Cinema

    Arsenal 1

    zu den Ticketszu dem Kalender

At the start, Steven Spielberg’s political thriller evokes the Palestinian terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympic team in Munich in 1972 by combining well-known TV footage with rapidly edited staged scenes. Afterwards, the focus is on a secret multinational operations unit put together by the Israeli Secret Service tasked by the Israeli government with finding and eliminating those responsible for the attack, with the plot being inspired by real events and containing action scenes in spades. This mission leads the five-person team to locations across Europe. In Paris, they meet a well-connected spy (Mathieu Amalric), who walks his dog through the city and only provides information at a considerable price. (bik)

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