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Short Film Program: The Work We Share

Filmstill from A PRAYER BEFORE BIRTH by Jacqui Duckworth

Sat 11.11.

Cinenova was founded in 1991 following the merger of two feminist film and video distributors, Circles and Cinema of Women, each formed in 1979. The current project The Work We Share of the distribution collective is an international program of newly digitized films from their collection addressing representations of gender, race, sexuality, health and community. This showcase includes four shorter works which reflect on health, identity, and desire, including social and body norms. The ‘visual poem’ BACK INSIDE HERSELF about a Black woman rejecting hegemonic societal expectations about her identity is combined with A PRAYER BEFORE BIRTH which chronicles the director’s own experience with multiple sclerosis and confronts chronic illness with creative vitality. NOW PRETEND is an experimental investigation into the use of race as an arbitrary signifier and LOSS OF HEAT an evocative portrayal of a queer love challenging preconceived notions on the ‘reality’ of living with epilepsy. (Cinenova)

BACK INSIDE HERSELF S. Pearl Sharp USA 1984 Digital file OV 4 min. 
A PRAYER BEFORE BIRTH Jacqui Duckworth GB 1991 Digital file OV 20 min. 
NOW PRETEND L. Franklin Gilliam USA 1991 Digital file OV 10 min.
LOSS OF HEAT Noski Deville GB 1994 Digital file OV 20 min. 

Funded by:

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