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Short film program „Arab Films from the Diaspora“

Thu 21.04.

Accompanying the inauguration of ALFILM's ATELIER, which is dedicated this year to the Arab diaspora, this short film programme highlights the works of Arab filmmakers living in Europe.
SON OF THE STREETS (Mohamed Almughanni, Poland/Lebanon 2020) DCP Original version with English subtitles 34 min.
A Palestinian family struggles with Lebanese bureaucracy to finally secure the young Khodor an ID and thus an existence outside Shatila, the Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut. The more they dig, the more secrets related to their family's history are revealed.
NIGHT (Ahmed Saleh, Germany/Qatar/Palestine/Jordan 2021) DCP Original version with English subtitles 16 min.
Night watches over a war-torn city and brings to its people some much longed for sleep. Only a mother stays awake, searching for her lost child. A homage to light and darkness and the sleeplessness of grief.
HAVE A NICE DOG! (Jalal Maghout, Germany/Syria 2020) DCP Original version with English subtitles 13 min.
A man, a dog, a life in Damascus. Torn between normality and madness, between fleeing and staying, the man loses himself deeper and deeper in a realm of fantasy. His friends leave Syria one by one, only he remains with his dog, the mirror of his shattered soul.
TALA’VISION (Murad Abu Eisheh, Jordan/Germany 2021) DCP Original version with English subtitles 28 min.
Syrian war zone. The windows are locked, televisions have recently been banned. The loneliness and boredom only become bearable again when 8-year-old Tala fetches a TV from the street and secretly watches the football skills of her favorite player, Lionel Messi. A game with fatal consequences.

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