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Sat 06.08.

  • 16 mm / Original version with German subtitles

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    Arsenal 1

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  • Introduced by Nataly Jung-Hwa Han

The student group “Der offene Film” (The Open Film) formed in South Korea in the 80s within the context of the social and cultural resistance against the military government. Inspired by emancipatory film movements in many other countries, the group’s goal was to educate and liberate the South Korean population. They also referred to their films as “small films”, which referred to the “small” formats of 8mm, 16mm and video they were shot on. It was via the Goethe-Institut that the films came to Berlin, where they were shown at the International Forum of New Cinema in 1988. 

Baek il mong Der Tagtraum Lee Chung-Guk Republik Korea 1984 18 Min.
Gunali omyeon Wenn der Tag kommt Chang Dong-Heung Republik Korea 1987 14 Min.
Kangachi chuknunda Das Hündchen stirbt Park Kwang-Woo Republik Korea 1985 10 Min.
Beoryochin usan Der weggeworfene Regenschirm Cho Chin Republik Korea 1985 12 Min.
Kongchang ui bulpit Das Licht einer Fabrik Lee Eun Republik Korea 1987 17 Min.
Ultarirul neomoseo Über den Zaun Chung Sung-Jin 16 Min.
Kantssi ui palpyohoe Die Ausstellung über Herrn Kant Kim Tae-Young Republik Korea 36 Min.

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