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60 and More Films That Arsenal Audiences Should Have Seen (2)

Filmstill from LA NOIRE DE …

In October, we present the second part of our four-month multi-perspective film history program curated by Gaby Babić, Vaginal Davis, Madhushree Dutta, Kimberly Esposito, Victoria Leshchenko, Lisabona Rahman, Can Sungu, Clarissa Thieme, as well as by representatives of three institutions with which we have worked for several years as part of our transnational archival practice: Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre/Tamer El-Said (Egypt), Mediateca Onshore/Filipa César (Guinea-Bissau) and the Lagos Film Society/Didi Cheeka (Nigeria). In numerous discussions, international curators, artists, filmmakers, film experts and students have compiled a shortlist of over 80 films that draws attention to gray areas of film historiography, to lesser-known names, regions and trends, and places them where they belong: on the big screen and in the view of cinema audiences. Making them visible is as important an aspect of the program as introducing different perspectives. As in September, a series of keywords will provide guidance through October’s extensive program: Otherness, Testimonies, Decolonization – Debt – Migration, Impersonation.

The program is part of ARSENAL 60 ff. and was made possible by a grant from the Capital Cultural Fund.

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