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Consultations – Documentary Works from Past and Present (3)

Filmstill from WANKOSTÄTTN: A man in a grey suit, tie and black top hat is leaning on an umbrella. He is standing in the street. In the background are parked cars, trees and houses.

Every year during the first week of November, the Duisburg Film Week shows documentaries from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They receive unrivalled attention - there are no parallel screenings - first in the cinema, and then in the debating room, where audiences can discuss the works with their makers. People can read up on what was said and make their own discursive connections at protokult.de, which provides access to the minutes from 47 years of documentary film history. The "Consultations” program allows audiences to measure time and space between selected films from Duisburg's past away from the festival. For the third time, Arsenal is showing films from the last edition of the film week alongside historical films – including from Arsenal's archive for the first time. Thus, connections can be created, similarities and differences can emerge, and contemporary works can provide the occasion for archival explorations. Karin Berger and Martin Paret, the directors of the new films, will be our guests for a Q&A.

On July 2, WANKOSTÄTTN (A 2023) and HABEHIRA VEHAGORAL (IL 1993) will allow viewers to participate in remembering the incomprehensible in different ways. Survivors of the Nazi genocides share their experiences and break their silence.

On 3 July, written thoughts about development aid and activism come together: OPERATION NAMIBIA (G 2023) by Martin Paret and BRIEFE AUS WIWILI (FRG 1987) by Medienwerkstatt Freiburg interweave messages from those who want to help. They talk of idealism and group dynamics, of deprivation, doubt, and solidarity. (Alexander Scholz)

In co-operation with the Duisburg Film Week.

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