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Film Restored 2023

Filmstill from KERRIGAN DREAM

Lacunae, experiences of loss and lack of visibility are the flip side of the images we see on the screen. The eighth edition of the Film Restored festival explores gaps in film history and material, as well as absence as a narrative and aesthetic device. The October 25 premiere of the digital restoration of Rosa von Praunheim's ANITA - TÄNZE DES LASTERS (BRD 1987) will snatch back the 1920s eccentric nude dancer from oblivion and open this year's festival. Other highlights include the restorations of films that were once thought lost, such as THE FIRST DEGREE (US 1923) and EUROPA (PL 1931) The festival also brings to light works that have so far received little recognition. For example, audiences can discover programs by female directors from Armenia, Ireland and Spain, as well as the Brazilian Super 8 Queer Wave of the 1980s. Absence and loss are also recurring themes in cinematic narratives. Aspects of these universal subjects are highlighted in recent film restorations from different continents.

A Deutsche Kinemathek - Museum für Film und Fernsehen event. Further information on the festival program and accreditation possibilities at: https://www.deutsche-kinemathek.de/en.

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