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Magical History Tour – Come together

Film still from DELPHINE ET CAROLE, INSOUMUSES: Two women each hold a small film camera and look through the viewfinder.

This month, the Beatles song, or rather its melodious title, serves as the impetus to bring a small selection of impressive ensemble performances in front of the camera, and in one case behind it, into the focus of our Magical History Tour. Once again, as the words of the chorus almost echo in the Arsenal's archive: The cinematic results of plural working formations - extensive constellations of actors as well as collaborative film collectives - run like a thread through the holdings. The medium-length films of the Yugantar Film Collective, which can currently be seen on Arsenal's streaming platform (www.arsenal-3-berlin.de) as part of a selection entitled "Of Strikes, Visions and Friendships," should also be mentioned at this point. Like most of the works of this month's Magical History Tour, the Yugantar films were originally presented in the Berlinale Forum or Forum Expanded and then found their way into our distribution. Here they form a small “sub-ensemble”, in the good company of hundreds of other films. (Milena Gregor)

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