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Queer Cinema Now

Film still from RAFIKI: Two young women in a boisterous mood in a pedalo.

The queer cinema of the last fifteen years has taken many different forms and largely moved away from the sort of coming out narratives that are fixated on identity. But talking and writing about its specific qualities has hardly become established. Since 2009, Sissy, the only German-language queer cinema magazine, has been looking at the connections between concrete queer experiences (such as discrimination, HIV, different invisibilities) and the different film aesthetic strategies linked to depicting them: the incorporation of new concepts of space and time into classical textures, references to a specific queer film history, the construction of new social figures. To coincide with the publication of the sissy anthology “Queer Cinema Now”, Jan Künemund and Christian Weber, who edited the anthology together with Björn Koll, have put together a series of 10 unconventional films from the last twelve years that reveal an open, non-normative conception of queer as a necessary frame of reference for world cinema.  (Jan Künemund, Christian Weber)

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